Social Media Contacts

1. Political Contacts Through Social Media

     A. Governor

     B. Senators

     C. House Reps

D. Take Note

2. Media Contacts Through Social Media

     A. TV

     B. Print

     C. Radio

1.  Political Contacts Through Social Media

A.  Governor

Dannel P. Malloy  Facebook Page  Twitter

B.  Senate Leaders

Sen. Len Fasano  Facebook  Twitter

Sen. Martin Looney No FB or Twitter Accounts Found*

*If you know either account info, please share. In the mean time, you can reach him via the Senate Democrat Caucus Facebook and Twitter accounts. On Facebook put his name in your post. On Twitter, make sure you put in #SenMartinLooney in the body of your twitter message.

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Bob Duff  Facebook  Twitter

Deputy Senate GOP President Pro Tempore Kevin Witkos  Facebook Twitter

Senate GOP Members Web Page Link  

Senate Democrat Members Web Page Link

The two, above links will take you to a listing of all Senators. By clicking on their name, you will be directed to their official web page. If the senator has any social media presence, you can click on the icon and will be taken to their social media page.

**Senate GOP Caucus  Facebook Page  Twitter

**Senate Democrat Caucus  Facebook Page   Twitter

**If they do not have any social media web presence, just post your message to their respective caucus (**above), making sure you put a #theirname (all one word) in your twitter message. On Facebook, make sure you put their name in the post.

C. House Leaders

Minority Leaders Themis Klarides  Facebook Page   Twitter

Majority Speaker Joe Aresimowicz  Facebook Page   Twitter

House GOP Caucus  Facebook Page   Twitter

House Democrat Caucus  Facebook Page   Twitter

Your CT General Assembly Legislators

The above link will take you to the Fine Your Legislator Search. Just fill in needed info to receive a listing of all who represent you, with links to their websites. Look of for the Facebook and Twitter icons. If they do not have one, you can post to their respective party Caucus (above) Facebook and Twitter pages.

D. Take Note

When posting to Facebook, some Legislators don’t allow you to write a new Post. Just find the most recent Post, from them and post in the Comments section. Not able to post photos? Just post your message.

2. Media Contacts Through Social Media

These listings are just a start, if you have a favorite media outlet, please send in the name and all links. They will be added.

A.  TV

WFSB Channel 3 Eyewitness News  Facebook Page   Twitter

WTNH News 8  Facebook Page  Twitter

Fox 61   Facebook Page   Twitter

B.  Print

Associated Press  Facebook Page   Twitter  – CT Reporter

The Bulletin   Facebook Page  Twitter

The Day   Facebook Page   Twitter

Hartford Courant  Facebook   Twitter

New Haven Register   Facebook Page   Twitter

C.  Radio

WDRC Talk of CT  1360 am   Facebook Page   Twitter

WELI New Haven’s News 960 am   Facebook Page   Twitter

WINY 1350 am   Facebook Page   Twitter

WJJF 94.9 fm News Now Talk Radio Show  Facebook Page   Twitter

WNPR News CT Public Media  Facebook Page   Twitter

WTIC 1080 am News Talk Radio  Facebook Page   Twitter

D. Blog

CT News Junkie  Blog   Facebook Page    Twitter