Connections…Connections…Connections…Uranium One

Putting a few things in perspective

Much has been made about Uranium One and Hillary Clinton’s role (or lack of role) in all of it. But she is not the only one that needs to be looked at. What was former President Obama’s role in all of this? What were the members of CFIUS role?

Let’s face it: Unless transcripts of their meetings are released, or someone speaks out, we will never know. But we can see who was involved and draw some conclusions from there. (See the below chart)

The Democrats and the left leaning media have made the claim that Clinton was only one of 9 Departments that sat on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). We have heard that Clinton did not have input into the review of the sale of Uranium One, that someone under her was involved, and that she did not communicate with that person on the issue. All kinds of things are coming up to distance her from all of this.

According to the US Department of Treasury, CFIUS is mandated by law to “focus exclusively on protecting our national security”. According to the Treasury Dept.’s website:“They have only one purpose: to review the potential national security effects of transactions in which a foreign company obtains control of a US company”

Now we know what CFIUS is charged with doing, but another clarification needs to be made.

According to the Treasury Dept.’s website the members of the committee are the heads of Departments and heads of the Offices…it does not state it is just someone from the Depts. and Offices.

So just what and who is CFIUS?

Departments (7):

Treasury (who is also the chair of the inter-agency committee)
Homeland Security

Offices (2):

US Trade Representative
Science & Technology

There are also observers and non-voting members (5):

Director of the Office of Management & Budget
Chairman of Economic Advisors
Assistants to the President:
National Security Affairs
National Economic Council
Homeland Security Council

I contend that the Clintons were not the only ones who wanted the sale of Uranium One to go through…but Obama wanted it as he felt that it would help make him look good. Keep that in mind. Because It only takes a few insiders to exert subtle influence on the rest of the members…and I contend Obama wanted this to go through, most likely after being persuaded by the Clintons, that this would help him to establish his legacy…and bury Bush.

Obama, remember when he came into office…he was not Bush, everything bad was Bush’s fault…he was the “peace maker”…he was the “ONE” “we all were waiting for”…and he needed to justify the Nobel Peace Prize he won, having done nothing to earn it. In reality, we learned Obama  was nothing more than an “apologist”, and all about him.

One of Obama’s hopeful “legacies” was the “Reset with Russia”. Remember that? I believe the Uranium One Sale was presented in such a way as to make Obama think it would help his “Reset” plan, thus making him appear to be the “peace maker” that nobody else could claim…winning him more accolades from the fawning, left-leaning media.

We all know that most of what Obama did, was not for the betterment of this country…but what would make him look good. Our country suffered because of it.

Washington DC operates on a few planes:

The 1st is POWER…that is the driving force in DC…not doing what is in the best interest of the people….but in what power an individual has.

The 2nd is CONNECTIONS and INFLUENCE…and to a lesser degree their trust level of their connections and how well they can exert influence.

The 3rd is MONEY…how they can turn what power they have into money to enrich themselves. Look at how many leave DC and go into high salary positions on Foundations, Law Firms, etc., with their main qualification being their power, connections and influence.

The below chart lists who were the heads of the departments and offices that comprised of CFIUS, at the time the Uranium One deal was being reviewed. It also lists those members who also served, or had connections with Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Bill Clinton…connections…connections…connections…it’s what makes DC go round.

I am not saying that all (or even some) of these people had nefarious reasons behind their decision to allow the Uranium One sale to go through…but I do believe that they were knowingly/unknowingly influenced by a select few…due to their connections and trust level of those involved. Could be nothing, but at least we can see who was on CFIUS…and draw our own conclusions.

Rest assured CFIUS and the Uranium One deal did not operate in a vacuum…I am confident, in my belief, that there was a lot of behind the scene action going on….from Obama and both Clintons. I believe they had other meetings with Hillary/Bill Clinton and/or Obama (with some, or all of the various CFIUS members)…private or in cabinet meetings, social functions, emails, phone calls, etc.

Connections and Influence could/would be exerted outside of any CFIUS meeting. That is my opinion and I am sticking to it!

TREASURY Timothy Geither 2009-2013 Dept. of Treasury Under Secretary of International Affairs, under Secretary Rubin , then Secretary Lawrence Summers. Treasury Department International Affairs Division 1988-1998
JUSTICE Eric Holder 2009 – 2014 Atty. General 1.  US Atty. General for District of Columbia 1993 (not the same as a states Atty. Gen. this is an appt. from the DOJ).                                         

2. Deputy Atty General 1997

1. Advisor to Obama during 2008 Presidential Campaign & VP Selection Team.       

2. Mark Rich pardon under Bill Clinton.

HOMELAND SECURITY Janet Napolitano 2009 -2011 Secretary of Homeland Security US. Atty. General of Arizona 1993 (Not the same as the states Atty. General)
COMMERCE Gary Locke 2009 – 2011 1. US Secretary of Commerce     

2. Ambassador to China 2011-2014

  He signed up to be the Co-chair (Washington) for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential Bid
DEFENSE Robert Gates 2009 – 2011 Secretar\y of Defense 1. Under Bush – Secretary of Defense 2006-2009.

2. While working with Hillary Clinton (under Obama) they “formed a formidable partnership (per Time magazine). Holding weekly meetings to compare notes and having lunch once a month.

STATE Hillary Clinton
ENERGY Steven Chu 2009 – 2013 Department of Energy Presenter at Clinton Global Initiative’s Better Building Challenge
OFFICE OF THE US TRADE REPRESENTATIVE Ron Kirk 2009 – 2013 US Trade Representative 1. July 2002 – He was running for the Senate. Hillary Clinton held a fundraiser for him in DC (while she was a Senator).                                                 

2. Bill Clinton headlined a fundraiser, for Kirk, at Jimmy’s Downtown Restaurant, NYC. Donors, such as Vernon Jordan pledged to raise $25,000 for Kirk’s campaign. 

3. Feb 2008 – Kirk Called Obama his “Buddy”.  Kirk  claimed that the Clintons were “very good friends”. “Very good to me”.  


                                                                                                                        4. Aug 2015 we find Kirk playing golf with Obama, Bill Clinton, & Vernon Jordan, on Martha’s Vineyard. Had dinner with Eric Holder & Wife. Then a birthday party for Vernon Jordan.

OFFICE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY POLICY John Holdrun 2009 – DEC 2010 Director of the Office of Science & Technology Policy 1994-2001 Science Advisor of Presidential Council of Advisors on Science &Technology (PCAST) 1. Part-time advisor to Obama (when Obama was a Senator).

2. Member of Obama’s Environmental & Energy “Brain Trust”, when Obama was running for President.

3. Has his own “email” troubles – Dec. 2016 Federal Judge ordered him to preserve all emails from his private account.

Observers & Non-Voting       Members
OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT & BUDGET Peter Orszag Office of Management & Budget 1. Senior Advisor on the Council of Economic Advisors 1995-1996

2. Special Assistant to President for Economic Policy 1997-1998

COUNCIL OF ECONOMIC ADVISORS – 1 Christina Romer   Chair of Council of Economic Advisors    
COUNCIL OF ECONOMIC ADVISORS – 2 Cecilia Rouse 2009 – 2011 1 of 3 members of Council of Economic Advisors National Economic Council – Special Assistant to president 1998-1999
NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL James Jones 2009 – Oct. 2010 National Security Advisor 1. Military – Retired 2007

2. He had no real power, as he was circumvented by Obama people who relied on Gates & Tom Donilon (an Obama Insider)

NATIONAL ECONOMIC COUNCIL Lawrence (Larry) Summer 2009 – NOV. 2010 Director of National Economic Council 1. Undersecretary for International Affairs, in Treasury Dept.1993                                                   

2. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury 1995                                                  

3. Secretary of Treasury 1999

All these connections…influence and trust…connect the dots…connect the people…that’s the DC way!

#CT Residents…Make Your Voice Heard…

Rep. William A Petit Jr is asking for CT Residents to contact DEEP, and copy him (in the email), to voice your opposition to DEEP’s proposed tax on heating oil and propane.

I am asking you to go two steps further, and copy in your State Senator and House Rep.

Check out the below link, to obtain the needed links, to all contact info for your CT Legislators:

Messaging CT Leaders Easier Than You Think

Do you like the level of taxes, you pay in CT, right now? Do you want more taxes imposed on you, by the state of CT? If so…ignore this post…if not…TAKE ACTION…NOW! Then share this post with everyone you know.

One voice is just a drop and creates only a small ripple…we need all our voices to make the waves of change needed.


They need to hear from all of us!!


…if Sandy Hook, Pulse, and all the other mass shootings, had what the GOP House Reps had yesterday…A Good Guy/Gal with gun at hand, at the very beginning of the attacks.

Yesterday, proves the point…gun free zones are killing zones. The Alexandria shooter most likely didn’t know there would be someone there with a gun. I am sure he realized the police would eventually get to him, but felt he had time to do more damage, then he was able to actually do.

Tell the liberal left, our 2A Rights are for protection…not hunting. We have gun laws on the books already…law abiding citizens are not going to be penalized because some crazy decided to commit an act of terrorism, today.

Tell Sen. Chris Murphy & Gov. Malloy…we want good guys/gals, with guns at hand, in our schools…protecting our children.

Once again I will post my solution for protecting our children in school. I think it is time to push for this protection.

Gov. Malloy Has It Wrong