CT Tax Freedom Day Rally

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While April 24, 2017 is the National average date, of when Americans have finally earned enough to pay for their portion of Federal, State, and local taxes – CT is the last state to reach that marker…27 days later. It comes down to about 38% of our yearly income. The next closest state is NJ which is May 12th.

Granted, the Federal government has increased some of the taxes we pay, and has pushed our Tax Freedom Day back. Unfortunately for CT, over the past 6 yrs, CT residents and businesses have seen two $2 Billion tax increase budgets, courtesy of the Democrat Trifecta in CT, which moved us even further back. In 2010, the National TFD average was April 9th and CT was April 27th, a 16 day difference. At the time, it was about 32% of our yearly income.

This year, the Democrats, in the Legislature, are again looking to raise taxes…everywhere. Proposal, after proposal is about raising taxes…nothing about cutting spending. In fact, Rep. Jason Rojas (D-09) Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee co-chair recently bemoaned the fact that “they were not enough”, when acknowledging that they had passed two $2 Billion Budgets.

Not enough? We went from paying 32% to 38% in 6 yrs.  What is enough going to be, when we get to 40%, 45% or 50%? Until we have no money left and all are dependent on the government?

I, for one, have had enough…enough of the fiscally irresponsible Democrat controlled CT Legislature. What about you?

Mark you calendar and come join us

Stand Together and Fight For CT




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